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Leadership History Creating Shared Value


To be a Global Provider of Vehicle and Equipment Solutions to Government and Defense Fleets operating in remote and austere environments.


To exceed our customers’ expectations by consistently delivering service excellence, innovation and dependability across our full range of products and solutions.


Can Do Attitude


Innovative Thinking






To be a Global Provider of Vehicle and Equipment Solutions to Government and Defense Fleets operating in remote and austere environments.


To exceed our customers’ expectations by consistently delivering service excellence, innovation and dependability across our full range of products and solutions.


Can Do Attitude


Innovative Thinking





About Us


Automotive Management Services, is a Danish owned company with Head Offices in Dubai, U.A.E and Virginia, U.S.A. Established in 2001, AMS has a global presence with operations covering the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa – with over 16 years’ proven experience of successfully mobilizing projects in remote and austere locations.

AMS brings expertise, innovation, and service excellence across a broad range of vehicle and equipment solutions. We provide long-term, cost effective support to Government, Commercial and United Nation organizations. AMS works closely with clients, enabling them to meet evolving fleet management, technical training, and logistical needs; ensuring the highest standards of performance and mission readiness across their entire fleet.

  • With a workforce of more than 1900 employees comprising 32 different nationalities, AMS manages over 60,000 vehicle and equipment assets globally with a value of more than USD 2 billion
  • More than 16 years’ experience designing turnkey maintenance facilities, from concept to completion within high-risk environments
  • Supply Chain Management of parts operations in excess of USD 35 million


Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Robertson is the Chief Executive Officer at Automotive Management Services. He has served as the CEO since June 2015 with over 20 years extensive experience in the Automotive Industry from operations around the world with an ability to implement the corporate vision and optimize processes, enabling businesses to become more responsive to market demands. He is a highly innovative result driven leader with broad experience in the management of large fleets and manufacturer development with 3S franchised dealerships across Africa and Central Asia. Individually and through AMS, Andrew has extensive involvement in multiple philanthropy projects, with activities in the fields of education, culture, and sport, as well as being an active member in regional charities and International natural disaster relief missions. Andrew has been an integral part of AMS’ success with a fleet value in excess of US$2 Billion under management.

Fred van Veldhoven
Chief Financial Officer

Fred Van Veldhoven is the Chief Financial Officer at Automotive Management Services. Having joined AMS in 2012 and after serving various positions within the finance function, he was promoted to CFO in 2017. Fred is responsible for overseeing the finance function of the organization and for providing financial strategic input to the Executive Management team. Fred is a qualified accountant and joined AMS from a listed multinational within the shipping and logistics industry. He has resided in multiple different countries where he had exposure to working with people from a wide variety of cultures. He has a broad educational background with a bachelor degree in marketing and a master degree in Financial Management, both which were obtained in The Netherlands.

Chief Operating Officer

Paul Crawshaw is the Chief Operating Officer at Automotive Management Services. He brings to AMS a diverse understanding and experience of the automotive industry. With a career spanning more than 24 years Paul has widespread exposure to technical and senior management roles. His passion and expertise lie in operational and performance improvement, leveraging IT, business processes and best practices to achieve company growth and development strategies. Prior to joining AMS, Paul has held numerous positions working with world renowned premium brand manufacturers covering multiple European and Middle Eastern markets. He is a process orientated individual who likes to meet new challenges with a head-on approach

Director of Human Resources

Shannon Naudé is the Director of Human Resources at Automotive Management Services. Having joined AMS in 2014, Shannon is responsible for the strategic and operational management of the Human Resources function for the group. With over 14 years Human Resources experience across a wide range of sectors, Shannon has experience in crisis and incident management, and has developed and implemented local content offerings in a large number of high risk environments, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Algeria, Nigeria and Pakistan. With more than 7 years security operations management experience, Shannon is perfectly placed to understand the Operational rigours of AMS and to tailor HR necessities to compliment the company offering.

Mark Kulungowski
Senior Vice President, Government and Defense

Mark Kulungowski is the Senior Vice President, Government and Defense at Automotive Management Services. With a career spanning over 32 years within the military and private sector, Mark has extensive business experience in diverse and challenging positions, directing complex operations and organizations. Mark last served on active duty as the Deputy Director for the Strategy, Plans, and Policy Directorate & Joint Affairs, Department of the Army Staff, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations. Additionally, since retiring from the military, Mark served as the Senior Special Advisor with the Army’s Rapid Equipping Force (REF). Mark has a Bachelor’s Degree from the United States Military Academy, West Point and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. He is also a graduate of the Senior Service College with a Fellowship at JFK School of Government, Harvard University.

Vice President, Afghanistan

David Schuin is the Vice President, Afghanistan at Automotive Management Services. With a primary focus on contract negotiation and compliance David has over 23 years combined experience in the Financial and Automotive industries; having worked throughout Africa and the Middle East. David began his tenure with AMS as an Operations Manager in Afghanistan in 2010. With his strong combination of leadership and extensive experience he quickly earned a role in the Head Office. In 2014 he was promoted to Vice President, Afghanistan, where he oversees all country specific AMS business and operations. David’s commercial and contract compliance experience ensures that all project requirements are consistently met and that customer satisfaction is exceeded on all levels.

Vice President, Central Asia

David Stewart is the Vice President, Central Asia at Automotive Management Services. Presenting an impressive career spanning over 40 years in Automotive Sales and Aftersales, David joined AMS in 2014. With experience gained through working directly for manufacturers, to include dealership development at a senior management level with Volvo, Scania and Mercedes. David contributes a comprehensive understanding of retail, dealership operations and commercial know how, with comprehensive focus on service level delivery intended to exceed customer expectations. In his role as Vice President for Central Asia David is responsible for the development and implementation of strategies to drive sales and sustainable profitability.

Priya Anand
Director of Communications

Priya Anand is the Director of Communications at Automotive Management Services. Having joined AMS in 2017, Priya is responsible for developing the company’s communication strategies, public relations and brand management, internal communications, corporate contributions, and digital social media platforms. Prior to joining AMS, Priya has held positions of increasing responsibility managing overall marketing and communications across several SME’s and two Fortune 500 companies. She has over 9 years’ automotive specific industry knowledge. Priya holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering as well as an MBA in Marketing and Communications.


AMS 2001


  • Operations begin in Pristina, supporting the NATO KFOR Mission in Kosovo
  • Service Centers opened in Iraq, Kenya and Afghanistan
  • Following the Gulf war, Baghdad Service Center is contracted to support the NTV fleet for the US Embassy

AMS 2005


  • Afghan National Police (ANP) phase I maintenance and training contract is awarded in 2005
  • 5 year, phase II of the ANP contract followed in 2006
  • Service Center is opened in Banda Aceh, Indonesia

AMS 2008


  • AMS reaches a major milestone by surpassing 1,000 employees from 20 different nationalities
  • Kabul Service Center wins US Army contract for extended maintenance of their large NTV fleet in Afghanistan
  • Operations commence in West Africa from a purpose built facility in Monrovia, Liberia

AMS 2009


  • No Lemon changes its name to Automotive Management Services
  • AMS awarded the Afghanistan National Security Forces contract to maintain a fleet of 6,500 vehicles and equipment
  • The UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) contract AMS for maintenance of their light and heavy vehicle fleets

AMS 2010


  • AMS awarded 5 year ATEMP contract to support the entire ANP fleet across Afghanistan
  • Navistar Defense contracts AMS to provide 2 years product support and technical training in Iraq for a fleet of 8,500 Iraqi MoI and MoD vehicles
  • Baghdad Service Center wins contracts for NTV maintenance and HMMWV M1114 modifications in support of US Forces Iraq

AMS 2011


  • AMS awarded 5 year fleet management contract in Afghanistan by the GSA, covering 6,500 vehicles.
  • 5 year extension on the International Security Assistance Forces vehicle maintenance contract is awarded in Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Monrovia operations win the contract for repair and maintenance of UNMIL’s Nissan vehicle fleet in Liberia

AMS 2012


  • AMS contracted by SAAB to provide fleet maintenance in support of the UN and African Union fleet of 1,200 vehicles in Somalia
  • Uganda operations are established and MONUSCO awards a 3 year contract for maintenance of their generators
  • Field Support Representative (FSR) solutions continue to grow with training and manufacturer support contracts covering 27 countries

AMS 2013


  • AMS successfully tenders for the Afghanistan Component Overhaul Program to support the Afghanistan National Army vehicle fleet
  • WFP signs long term agreement with AMS for global armored vehicle driver training
  • ArcelorMittal awards AMS a maintenance and fleet management contract for their vehicle and equipment fleet in Liberia

AMS 2014


  • AMS signs dealership agreement with Volvo Construction Equipment for Kazakhstan
  • AMS becomes authorized distributor for leading European tool and equipment manufacturers throughout the GCC
  • Contract to provide training and technical skills development to 2,100 ANP personnel awarded to AMS

AMS 2015


  • Scania award AMS authorized dealership status in Liberia
  • Road & Transport Authority (RTA) Dubai signs contract with AMS to deliver a solution to improve commercial vehicle workshop standards
  • AMS wins US Government contract to inspect and repair all incoming vehicles and equipment prior to issuance to the Afghan National Security Forces

AMS 2016


  • AMS become authorized dealership for Navistar and Navistar Defense in the UAE
  • Afghan National Army Component Overhaul Program (ACOP) doubles itself with 2 new facilities at Herat and Mazar
  • AMS wins United Nations Global Service Center (UNGSC) contract to provide driving test officer certification and defensive driver training courses across Africa

Creating Shared Value

Our position in society brings both opportunities and responsibilities. At AMS we find that creating shared value across our operations is fundamental to a sustainable and successful business model. Our aim using the CSV strategy is to address social needs in a way that is commercially viable for our business, contributing to both social progress and economic success of the communities we operate in.

Building long-term competitive advantage via Training Programs

Due to the lack of educational infrastructure and necessary skills in many of the communities where we operate, AMS developed a 4-year automotive training program whereby students gain practical skills and industry knowledge. This program has been rolled out across our operations, providing career development for thousands of students.

Through investing in our employees, we have enhanced our competitiveness, created value by satisfying customer’s needs, whilst simultaneously improving the economic and social conditions of the societies in which we operate.

The Training Programs are a major success factor in AMS’ operations, enabling us to deliver world-class solutions and remain competitive, sustainable and profitable into the future.


Bringing value to both community and business through sustainable practices

The woman’s organization in Kabul who offer tailoring solutions, lacked the knowledge and funding to run a viable business. Through a program generating shared value, AMS provided the Woman’s Organization with infrastructure, business advice and start-up capital in return for competitively priced uniforms. The woman’s organization are now running a sustainable business.

At AMS we focus on bringing value and long term sustainability to local economies by supporting local businesses. The local communities benefit from economic development giving AMS easier, cost effective access to locally sourced goods and materials.


Our Public Spirit



At AMS, we look after ‘Our people’. We have a passion towards making positive change among the business’s and people we touch. Meet Bahram, one of the first Afghan employees to join the AMS team in Afghanistan. After a few years he found that his health was deteriorating and that he needed a kidney transplant. AMS’ charity ‘Help in the community’ funded his operation and medical expenses. Bahram is now healthy and still working with AMS today. He has not only shown great improvement in his health but his hard work and dedication has earned him the promotion to Technical Inspector.



AMS has been the proud sponsor of the Kabul Karate Club since 2009 and continues to do so. Founded in 2004 by Rohin Qateh, who was a translator for AMS, The Kabul Karate Club has 150 members starting from the age of 8 years. As a qualified instructor and 6th Dan Black Belt, Rohin’s goal was to establish a Karate Club in his local community as a center for children to visit, participate and develop skills and discipline free of cost. Recognizing the importance of our commitment to the communities in which we operate, AMS provides full sponsorship to the Karate Club, including sending Rohin and top performing students to international tournaments, providing the facility with required maintenance and Karate equipment for the club. The Club helps children to be occupied with training and as a result, are less likely to become involved in irregular activities such as drugs. It also helps their fitness, focus and confidence



AMS fully supports and sponsors the Afghan Woman’s Organization which provides a base for Afghan women to support themselves and families through providing a tailoring service to the local, private and commercial Kabul community.  The opportunity allows for single, married, widowed, divorced women make a living for themselves. Through the ongoing troubles within the country, some of them are the main bread winners for their families. With business advice and financial support, the hope is to bring the organization to a self-sufficient level. AMS takes pride in giving back to the local communities and assisting the AWO to be independent, self-reliant and able to contribute to the local economy.



AMS sponsored the renovation of Sitara School for young children in Kabul earlier in 2009, providing them with a basic human right to education in a comfortable and safe learning environment. Today, AMS still supports and sponsors the school for its development and also provides the students with basic necessities like uniforms, books and other stationery.



We actively engage and provide support with humanitarian relief in times of natural disasters. Whether it is an earthquake in Nepal, Ebola in Africa or Avalanches in Afghanistan, AMS always tries to support these causes to the best of our ability. Afghanistan’s Panjshir Valley was hit by deadly avalanches killing 286 people, destroying their homes, leaving behind communities without food or shelter. AMS, in partnership with Navistar International distributed relief packages consisting of rice, flour, oil, charcoal and blankets to 200 families in need.



AMS partners with many Humanitarian Organizations across the world. Linking the World is one of them who have operated in over 43 countries and who are supporting AMS in our ongoing efforts to aid and assist the local communities in Afghanistan. AMS and Linking the World share the same goals of sustainable programs and seek to effect a genuine, lasting change in hostile regions across the world. We believe in giving back to the communities in which we operate via vocational and economic development. Mina Chang, CEO of Linking the World visited us in Afghanistan in order to meet with the Afghan Woman’s Organization, Karate Club and the renovated Sitara School which are all sponsored by AMS.