Creating Shared Value: The Vision of Tomorrow

Thought Leadership

Our position in society brings both opportunities and responsibilities.

Driving economic success and at the same time creating social value, is not only a responsibility, but also an opportunity to rethink the way we are doing business and drive sustainable economic growth.

Creating Shared Value “every day” is a core practice that we follow at Automotive Management Services. This is achieved by adopting operating procedures and pursuing policies that enhance our competitiveness while advancing positive socio-economic impact on the communities in which we operate.

Throughout the last 17 years, working across all 34 provinces, covering the entire country of Afghanistan, and with thousands of local Afghan employees, we’ve become closely engaged with the local communities.

This journey of collaboration with our local work force has been highly successful, helping rebuild and support communities, creating long-lasting opportunities for our valued workforce and their families for generations to come.

We have redefined our value chains, strengthened our local cluster, and leveraged our assets for societal needs.

Through our partnerships with the local Afghan community, and our commitment in the development and reintegration of our local workforce by providing them with necessary skills and training, to empowering women run businesses, rebuilding schools and funding education and medical aid to our employees, we have always demonstrated our values of Can Do Attitude, Integrity, Innovative Thinking, Initiative, Ownership, Respect and Teamwork.

Our workforce of more than 3,000 enthusiastic and talented employees is truly our greatest asset, and when combined with financial means, technology and our founding values and mission, we aim to make a significant and sustainable impact.