Integrated Management & Repair Programs

Integrated Management & Repair Programs are designed to meet our client’s operational requirements through improved product reliability, improved vehicle safety, increased fleet operational readiness levels, and reduced fleet operating costs which significantly extend vehicle and equipment lifespan.

  • Scheduled Maintenance and Repairs
  • Component Overhaul
  • Retro Fit and Full Reset Services 
  • Mobile Maintenance and Recovery Teams
  • Armaments and Systems Maintenance
  • Total Life Cycle Management
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Base Operations & Support Services

From design, engineering, construction and communications, to supply chain management, life support and property management, AMS provides a full range of high quality Base Operations & Support Services

  • Flexible Turnkey Solutions to suit Client Operations
  • Containerized Solutions to National Maintenance Facilities
  • Planning, Design and Construction Services
  • Existing Facility Extension
  • Total Camp Management Services Provision
  • Integrated Security Solutions
  • Communication Devices and IT Support
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Asset Management & ERP Solutions

AMS has developed a range of asset management software solutions allowing clients to control and manage their entire portfolio of buildings and assets from a single unified platform with the capability to integrate with the client’s existing ERP systems.

FASTrax™ is designed as an all-in-one solution to streamline management of vehicles and equipment, operating in austere locations.

  • Flexible and Scalable to Match Fleet and Operating Environments
  • Accessible, Robust, and Secure
  • Multi-Lingual options including Dari, Arabic and French
  • ERP and Systems Integration Capability
  • In-House Development and Support Team
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Custom Designed Facilities Operated


Vehicles & Equipment Assets Managed


Mobile Maintenance Teams

95 %

Operational Readiness

Case Studies


Mission Support in Iraq

AMS Case Study

Navistar Defense encountered a challenging situation within Iraq that required a sustainable solution. The Navistar fleet of over 8,500 vehicles experienced technical issues due to the lack of technical training within the Iraqi MoI and MoD. As a result of the lack of technical expertise, much of the fleet were non-mission capable and stood idle in numerous facilities across Iraq. In order to increase operational readiness, Navistar engaged AMS to design and implement a training strategy for the Iraqi Forces to manage and maintain the Navistar fleet.

Within 30 Days of contract award, AMS deployed a Project Manager and a team of trainers to Camp Taji outside of Baghdad to establish the Project Management Office. The team had a number of challenges to tackle in order to succeed with the project, the main one being that there was limited information available as to the exact whereabouts of vehicles. To resolve this, the Project Manager and his team rapidly established points of contact within both the MoD and MoI to compile a database of fleet and facility locations across Iraq. Once complete, it was then a case of travelling to each location to implement the sustainability training to both the MoD and MoI.

The team had delivered sustainable solutions to facilities from Basra to Erbil, sensitively dealing with the different cultures encountered across each region of Iraq. As the program entered its final stages, the AMS contract reports highlighted a significant increase in fleet availability for both Iraqi MoD and MoI operations. Key fleet operational KPI’s indicated that, on average, fleet availability had increased from 62% to 91%, a clear testament to the endeavors of the AMS team.

  • More than 5,700 students provided with Navistar Operator and Technical Training
  • AMS provided Navistar Defense with 2 years Technical Assistance and Warranty Support throughout Iraq for a fleet size in excess of 8,500 vehicles across 18 different vehicle models
  • Provision of warranty support improved customer confidence in Navistar products
  • Train the Trainer program provided self-sustainment to local Iraqi MoI and MoD units