Capacity Building Programs

Capacity Building Programs are delivered by our highly skilled and experienced team of professional instructors either onsite or remotely to our clients through consultancy, training, education and mentoring. We offer a comprehensive choice of programs covering base operations service activities to meet client requirements.

  • Maintenance / Overhaul & Reset / Workshop Management
  • Supply Chain Management / Warehouse / Logistics
  • Armored/ Non-Armored Vehicle Driver Training
  • Weapons Maintenance Training
  • Instructor Led and eLearning Options
  • Multi-Level Options from Basic, to Advanced and
    Train -The-Trainer
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Solutions Design

Essential to the successful delivery of Capacity Building Programs is that its design meets client requirements and achieves the desired goal. Our Solutions Design provide the necessary foundation for an effective training program to be delivered.

  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Data Analytics
  • Course Development & Needs Alignment
  • Curriculum Analysis & Design
  • Multi-Lingual Delivery Options
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Training Management Systems

AMS has developed a proprietary Training Management System to record and monitor the progress of the Capacity Building Programs. The system, Automotive Training Management System (ATMS) was previously designed to ensure the outcome of each training program is fully captured and to provide feedback to the client.

  • Training Registration and Enrollment
  • Candidate Profile and Consolidated Training Record 
  • Dynamic Reports and Dashboards
  • Training Scheduling
  • Data Driven Outcomes
  • Multi-Lingual Options (Also available in Arabic and Dari)
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Officers Trained


Countries AMS Instructor Deployed to


Training Contracts


Commitment to Clients

Case Studies


UN Driver Training in Pakistan

AMS Case Study

AMS was awarded the above contract to design, develop and deliver 7 courses within UNWFP locations across Pakistan to hundreads of students who all had previous experience in driving and operating armoured vehicles.

The course was designed using a building block approach covering the following:

  • Health and Safety
  • Vehicle Familiarization
  • Preventative Maintenance, Checks and Service (PMCS)
  • Vehicle Dynamics and Manoeuvring
  • Defensive and Evasive Driver Techniques
  • Ambush avoidance Techniques
  • Vehicle Towing and Recovery Techniques (Including the use of the Self-recovery winch)
  • Practical Driving Skills and Assessments (Theory and Practical)
  • Personnel Security and Vehicle Search Techniques
  • Radio Usage and Incident Reporting Procedures

Confirmation of understanding by all students was achieved by combining daily classroom and practical assessments and an end of course practical assessment followed by a multi choice theory exam.

As a result of the training AMS has delivered, all the drivers’ skill levels have improved considerably; they have gained a better understanding of their role within WFP operations and how important it is to maintain their vehicles and to drive them in a professional and efficient manner. All drivers are also now aware how to recover a vehicle using the vehicle self-recovery winch in a safe and effective manner.